About Me

Just an earth couscous girl here, caring for her health and the health of her family. I dive in deep into research and only cite from credible sources. Many of my sources are scholarly articles and journals, some are from accredited books, and others from trusted websites. The artwork on here, is either sourced (and you can tell) or original pieces that I have photographed or watercolored, and then sent through Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to unify them into my brand’s them, some are made in Illustrator and finalized in Photoshop. Recently, I have written and illustrated and children’s book titled, “The Tiniest Giant”, set to be published with Beaver’s Pond Press at the beginning of next year. I have a long history in art and writing, and getting awarded in those fields. You might get to see some of my work, so stay tuned!

I am open to sponsored posts, affiliate sales, and guest posts.

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