Just some Bag-Ground

Just some Bag-Ground

My love for saving the environment began in elementary school, as early as the first or second grade. Our teacher gave us the assignment after the school decided to team up with the recycling center to teach us about preserving our natural environment and its ecosystems. We were given a paper bag, that we folded into four sections, and on the top and bottom left-hand-side section we were to draw the environment as “polluted” and in the two right-hand-side sections we were to draw the environment as “healthy”. This assignment was to teach us the difference between a polluted environment and a clean environment. This got us thinking about solutions to cleaning or to just avoid creating a problem altogether.

This frame of mind was further cemented in me during zoo camps. During the classes in the camp we learned about the rainforest and all its beauty and wonder. Our instructor taught us about all the animals that live there and all the species that were being discovered and all the possible discoveries of new species. The vast untamedness and pure wilderness caught onto my heartstrings and never let go. Preserving and caring about animals and how they should be free to roam in their natural environment. Going to the zoo camps, helped me out as a junior zoo keeper.

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Over the summers, I would volunteer to work alongside senior zoo keepers to take care of the animals and their habitat. We learned how to safely and properly remove the animal from their exhibit, so that that we could proceed to go in and clean it up for the animals. This was done on a daily biases and we would rotate volunteer teams so that everyone had a chance to experience caring for the exhibit and learn about the animal type inside.

One of my favorite times came when I was a junior zoo teacher, and our camps taught the kids about the animals by designing and building a comfortable environment that mimics the animal’s natural habitat. Gained knowledge, from when I attended zoo camps, really came in handy here, because which branches and if they need rocks, dirt, or grass, or maybe, all three in their exhibit really did make a difference to the animal, and we wanted the animal to feel at home as much as possible.

Now, that I am an adult it makes me sick to see how much the rain forest has shrunken in size due to practices such as, the cattle and ranching business, Palm Oil plantation and illegal or excessive logging. These trees are our heartbeat for the earth to continue to sustain life on this earth. Entire ecosystems have been torn down and animal species are going extinct. Other species are not ever going to get discovered and we all have new weather problems to deal with.

All-in-all, my love for the environment and animals runs deep. I feel like awareness is a great way to get people to care about saving, protecting, and recreating the sanctuaries that our wild animals most desperately need. My boys deserve a beautiful and expansive natural environment to explore.

A different bag, from described, but things take water and nurturing to grow.

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