A Plastic Free Anthem

Let Freedom Ring!

Go Plastic Free!

Happy Independence Day! What could be more classic than an American sandwich for lunch? This one is full of gooey holiday spirit of strawberry jam and a blueberry, right on top, to finish off that classic shape. This spirited guy was pulled out of its plastic free sandwich bag. You read that right. You can still take your sandwich to the firework show and leave no mess behind. Nothing is worse than seeing a beautiful display going with our national anthem, and then leaving the place in such a disgusting state, to the point you wonder why anyone would ever want to gather there. This sandwich bag solves that problem for a few reasons.


  1. It is make out of 75% jute, which is a natural fiber take from a quickly and clean growing plant, and 25% cotton.


  1. There is no fuss to close the bag. Just loop the cotton string around the two wooden buttons, and you are done!


  1. For any mess on the bag, just follow the wash instructions on the bag’s tag.


Have your sandwich and eat it too. Have a joyful Independence Day!

Adjustable Jaco Sandwich Bag



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