Endangered Species Chocolate and a Jacket you’ll Want

Eat chocolate, support animals. It’s that simple. The only thing is, you have to get the right brand, because not all chocolate will support animals. Endangered Species chocolate is delicious, comes is a variety of flavors, and gives back 10 percent of their annual net profits to non-profit organizations that are dedicated to helping animals, such as the Wildlife Conservation Network and the Rainforest Trust. Are you afraid elephants and red wolves won’t make it, fear not, because you have the power to help, just by buying a bar of chocolate! And you help out the farmers! Endangered Species chocolate is also a part of the Fairtrade Alliance, so that means, you are also helping out your neighbor, with all this helping out, don’t you think you deserve a treat?

Variety Pack of Endangered Species Chocolate

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Oh! That jacket. You can get it here!


I decided to pair this jacket with a white shirt, light wash blue jeans, and a pair of white sneakers, but I can imagine other combinations. Matching it with a bathing suit as a cover up, wearing it with shorts and a muted shirt. I think it would even go with a nice dress and a pair of heals. Or one could go all out and wear it to their fourth of July party, or as a warmer for the after dark fire work display.







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