Are Farmers Untrustworthy?

Why I Do Not Trust the Farmers

I do not trust the famers. I pass by the farms as I drive down Texas highways and see them spray their crops. My first thought is, “What has the farmer put in those tanks?” While my next thought is, “Do I really want to eat that food now?” One of the things I have learned that they put into the tanks to spray on the food is a pesticide that is produced by such a widely known company, Monsanto, is Glyphosate.

“Low toxicity” levels found in Glyphosate, produced and sold by Monsanto (RoundUp®), is a classification that is almost meaningless. Even at very low concentration levels. A 2008 study confirms, that in as little as 24 hours, total cell death is conclusive for human cells, particularly, embryonic, placental, and umbilical cord cells. This happens because the way that RoundUp® combines its ingredients, it is more toxic than its active ingredient, glyphosate, alone, and links itself to altered forms of DNA, that the chemicals have created, thus “playing a key role in chemical carcinogenesis, in the kidneys and liver of mice. Human cell endocrine disruptors on HepG2, DNA damage and cytotoxic effects at concentrations well below ‘acceptable’ residues have all been observed.” (Beyond Pesticide). Therefore, why would any sane person even allow for these chemicals to be sprayed on our crops?

Home Grown Organic Tomato, Vegetable, and Herb Fertilizer

The mere fact that RoundUp® is so popular is because it gets the job done. When a product works, typically, people trust it enough to purchase and use it year after year. Also, when farmers spray it on the field before a planting, and then plant genetically modified seeds, that are made that way to resist the absorption of Round Up’s® chemicals, however, left over residue still causes contamination in crops. Take a guess at which fields are saturated to produce a larger yield. The wheat fields. Those fields are the ones that grow the breads, crackers, and even the muffins that are laced with the chemicals that lace us with cancers and cells that die within twenty-four hours, the ones that babies need from their mothers for life.

Teaming with Microbes The Organic Gardener’s Soil Food Web

What could be the question burning on your minds, oh, right, “How do I avoid contamination, not only me, but my sweet family as well?” The answer, shop local and buy organic, and always check the farmer’s standards for what kind or herbicide they use on their crops. Organic shopping is one step, because it is very much like lobbying without having to sign petitions or having to talk to or email your governmental representative. Although, actually lobbing, signing petitions, and protesting are also very effective means to get your representative to take the issues you believe in personally. If nothing is done about this, the projected estimate of million metric tons of glyphosate on their crops will surpass the 1.35 million metric tons of glyphosate that was sprayed on crops in 2017. The food industry is getting frightening with mergers currently getting set up so that there is even less variation of control for the world – wide food industry.




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